HETE was founded 2006 in Istanbul / Turkey. We are a manufacturer and supplier company of packaging, promotion and healthcare industry.

We keep on giving the best service for more than 1.000 costumers in all European countries.

During the Covid-19 force major period, we added medical products to our product range.

We deliver quality full certificated brand products to the most reasonable prices to all over the world to our customers satisfaction.

We have a strong team and an extensive team network with time delivery.


Sustainability in supply chains is the biggest problem nowadays during the Covid-19 pandemic. Turkey has the potential to fullfill the market needs with its high potential society and production capabilities.


HeteExport set the goal as company to fight Covid-19 with exclusive turkish manufacturing such as medical and personal protecion equipments. We have also manufacturing agreements with raw material suppliers, medical companies and textile networks which enable us to provide continuous delivery with large capacities.